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Drupal 7 - Custom User Verification

In this article, we will implement a custom user mail verification.

The workflow would be something like this:
- the user registers
- he starts using the application
- he needs to "unlock" a few more steps by verifying his email and/or phone number

We will start by creating a custom module and we'll call it "custom_module_user".


Drupal 7 Custom User Verification

Drupal 8 - Dynamic Route

While improving the SEO for one of the projects I've worked on, I encountered the following problem:
- the system has a node listing for a given user (let's call it /user/%/cars); this is a simple view with a page display that receives the user argument from the route

- the problem is that the url is not SEO friendly

Drupal 8 dynamic route views

Drupal 8 - Search API and custom processors

In this article, we'll talk about the Search API module.

Given the structure below, it's pretty clear that we cannot use the standard Drupal search if we want to add some filters and other custom processors.

This is where the Search API module comes in really handy.


Drupal 8 Search API

Drupal 8 - How to use Migrate API

So, you need to import a large quantity of data. The problem is that that data can't be converted into a simple node.

Unlike previous Drupal 8 releases, this version has integrated into its core the Migrate module.

Let's say we have a Drupal structure similar to the one below

Drupal 8 Migrate API

Drupal 8 - How to use Drupal Console

While working on another article and setting up another Drupal test instance, I said to myself "why not make a short article about Drupal Console", a tool that I found to be very useful.
For more information on installing this tool, follow this link and, if it's not working, keep googling.

Let's begin with the premise that we have the Drupal Console installed and fully functional.

Drupal 8 Drupal Console

Drupal 8 - Ticketmaster Import

One of our clients needed integration with (if the page is not working try using a VPN and set it to Canada).
We only had to import the events from this 3rd party, there were no requests for the actual ticket buying.

These being said, let's get down to business.

drupal 8 ticketmaster ticketmaster API Drupal 8

The problem: You have a page on the site that is linked in two places on the same menu, but when you visit the page, it only shows one of two possible menu trees.

The solution: You can patch the MenuActiveTrail.php file to find the current parent of the active item. 

Drupal 8 drupal 8 menu tree incorrect active trail

1. Keep your Drupal core and contributed modules updated
Keep your Drupal version updated. Apply security patches as soon as they get released this way you avoid leaving your website exposed and vulnerable.

2. Install Drupal Security Modules
You can improve the strength of your Drupal website by adding some powerful Drupal security modules. This is an effective measure that you can easily implement.
Here is a short list of some modules:

security update modules SSL Certificate

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