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Drupal 8 - How to pass data between form validate/submit callbacks

/ / Drupal 8

Similar to Drupal 7, we are able to pass custom data between form validate/submit callbacks.

In Drupal 8, there are two way of setting a key => value to $form_state: set a single key => value or multiple keys => values.

To set a single key, we can use set() method that is defined in FormStateInterface interface.

    // Pass a key => value to other submit callbacks.
    $form_state->set('custom_key1', 'custom_value1');

To pass multiple keys => values, we can use the method setFormState() that gets an array as parameter and will add these array to form_state's storage.

    // Pass multiple key => value to other submit callbacks.
      'custom_key2' => 'custom_value2',
      'custom_key3' => 'custom_value3',

To read these values from another validate/submit callback, you can use: get() or getStorage() methods.

  // Get a value by key.
  $custom_value = $form_state->get('custom_key1');

  // Get all keys => values.
  $storage = $form_state->getStorage();

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