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Drupal 8 - How to use Drupal Console

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While working on another article and setting up another Drupal test instance, I said to myself "why not make a short article about Drupal Console", a tool that I found to be very useful.
For more information on installing this tool, follow this link and, if it's not working, keep googling.

Let's begin with the premise that we have the Drupal Console installed and fully functional.

1. Init project

By using the terminal, navigate to the folder that will have the new Drupal install. In this window, run the following command. You will have to select which repository to use and the folder name of the project.

drupal site:new

2. Install project

Next, we need to install the project (set database configuration, set site name, etc.). This can be achieved by using the following command

drupal site:install

Pay attention to the database connection settings. Once everything it's ok, you should see something like this:

3. Check status

In order to see your new website status, run the following command

drupal site:status

You should see something like this:

4. Done

You now have a functional fresh install. Enjoy!

Please use the composer for installing new modules and the configuration ymls to store the database changes. Find more about drupal standards here.

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